I cant stand the comment section.

I can’t stand the comment sections of websites. It is the quickest way for me to get pissed off at humanity. No one has common sense anymore and it shows in almost every comment made. People think they are experts on every aspect of life and they almost never are. There “facts” are never factual and there complaints are based on nothing at all. Take the Google Play store for example: when people find an app they want and don’t even take the time to see what it is supposed to be used for, they will leave negative comments about how it doesn’t work and then go on to explain the function that wont work….THAT’S NOT EVEN A FUNCTION OF THE APP MOTHER FUCKER!

The world is getting dumber every single day and no one seems to care.

mindrelatestosoul said: it's going alright. just listening to my mix of great tunes and going through my blog roll

that’s always a good time. i’m thinking some serial killer documentaries are on the agenda for the rest of my night.